Upcoming workshop: Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Unlocking your Leadership Potential

This 1-hour interactive online workshop will address the following:

  • How we understand and manage our behaviours and emotions in the workplace.
  • Develop awareness of how we perform under pressure and how we react to others when they are under pressure.
  • Gain an understanding of Intrapersonal (self-awareness and self-management) EQ versus Interpersonal (social awareness and relationship management) EQ.
  • Experiential learning exercises to understand and improve your emotional control.
  • The Good News! How your Emotional Intelligence can be developed and improved for increased self-awareness of your leadership potential.

To register for this webinar please fill out your details on our Contact Form (see link below) letting us know you wish to register for the workshop. Thank you. You will receive an invitation link to the workshop 24 hours before it begins.

Click on the link below to register:





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