Why hire ProACTive?

We provide a personalised service to target the exact requirements of the individual, team or organisation.  Following a free one-hour consultation we will provide an in-depth proposal suited to your needs.

What are the benefits?

Many of the issues employers and employees face today are due to a lack of coherent communication.  Often managers are too overwhelmed to motivate, show empathy or even have the awareness to help their team. This leads to a high turnover of staff, as employees feel unheard and demotivated.  This is where Emotional Intelligence can help.

Individual benefits?

  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Improve Strategic Thinking
  • Progress in your current role
  • Develop Resilience
  • Improve communication with colleagues
  • Enjoy a productive career with improved work performance

Corporate benefits?

  • Develop more self-aware teams
  • Develop Team Leadership skills
  • Drive Team Productivity
  • Build resilient teams
  • Improve workplace relationships
  • Improve Staff Retention

ProACTive Coaching provides the following services:

Executive Coaching – for Individuals and Organisations.

Problem Solving – we work with you to identify all areas of concern, and through assessment, coaching and training we design a tailor-made solution.

The Solution

  1. A. Consultation to discuss the requirements/ Training needs analysis.
  2. B. Agree on a contract of coaching/training.
  3. C.
    • 1) Assessment
    • 2) Goals and Objectives /in-depth coaching programme
    • 3) Follow up.

The Assessment and Coaching Package

We provide a psychometric assessment* that focuses on the eight main traits of Emotional Intelligence required to develop success in the workplace.   These are: Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Decisiveness, Empathy, Influence, Motivation, Self-Awareness and Resilience.

Our clients have discovered that once they have undertaken this assessment and worked on the areas that require development, they have the insight and structure to deal with their emotions and behaviours.  They understand how their emotions and behaviours impact on others in the workplace and visa-versa, so they can act accordingly to improve workplace relationships and productivity.

**Justine McGrath is an advanced facilitator and partner of the EBW Global Psychometric System.  EBW stands for Emotions and Behaviours at work.

The Executive Coaching Package

An in-depth personalized approach to improving leadership qualities and self-awareness.  This can be done with or without undertaking the assessment.   Executive coaching provides the tools to uncover blind spots that can lead to career derailment.  Our coaching package is entirely flexible to suit the needs of the individual.

Training Workshops

We provide a range of training workshops to identify team issues and resolve them quickly and effectively.  Our 3 most popular workshops are listed below:

The Team Effectiveness Programme develops a team’s business Emotional Intelligence and shows the key drivers that underly a team’s capability and effectiveness.  It inspires a sense of collective responsibility, mutual respect and collaboration in your teams where it is most needed.

The Boosting Performance Programme helps individuals understand their behaviour and impact on colleagues and customers and changes the way people work together.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence for Success provides organisations with the tools to develop their self-awareness, unlock their potential and understand the impact of their behaviours on themselves and others.

For the cost of the training workshops, please contact us directly.