Psychometric Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback

The Emotions and Behaviours at Work Psychometric Assessment of Emotional Intelligence and 90-minute feedback session.

This assessment focuses on the eight main traits of Emotional Intelligence required to develop success in the workplace.   These are: Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Decisiveness, Empathy, Influence, Motivation, Self-Awareness and Resilience.

Once you have taken the assessment, you will meet with Justine to go through your results in detail during a 90-minute feedback session.  This is an essential part of taking the assessment.  This can be done online (via Zoom or Skype) or preferably in person.

Our clients have discovered that once they have undertaken this assessment and the feedback session, they can then work on the areas that require development. They have the insight and structure to deal with their emotions and behaviours.  They understand how their emotions and behaviours impact on others in the workplace and visa-versa, so they can act accordingly to improve workplace relationships and productivity.

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