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Emotional Intelligence Psychometric Assessment

Our assessment focuses on the eight main traits of Emotional Intelligence required to develop success in the workplace. These are: Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Decisiveness, Empathy, Influence, Motivation, Self-Awareness and Resilience.


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The Executive Coaching Package

An in-depth personalized approach to improving leadership qualities and self-awareness. This can be done with or without undertaking the assessment. Executive coaching provides the tools to uncover blind spots that can lead to career derailment. Our coaching package is entirely flexible to suit the needs of the individual.


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Training Workshops

We provide a range of training workshops to identify team issues and resolve them quickly and effectively.

About ProACTive

Welcome to ProACTive Coaching. Whether you are the manager of a corporate organisation, an employer, entrepreneur or a new employee, we have a training solution for you.

We are experts in emotional intelligence and believe that with our training solutions a team or individual can excel.

For an introduction into one small aspect of what we offer see our introductory video to our Empathy development course.

If you would like know more about any of our services or to avail of a one-hour free consultation, please contact Justine on +353 85 727 2135.

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Case Study

Benefits of the Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

Clients who have undertaken the Emotional Intelligence assessment gain a greater understanding of how they perform in each of the following traits:

Adaptability, Conscientiousness, Decisiveness, Empathy, Influence, Motivation, Self-Awareness and Resilience.

Feedback from clients after undertaking the assessment included; a greater in-depth understanding of their self-awareness, improved communication with their colleagues, an improvement in management style and increased motivation.

The assessment not only benefits managers and those in leadership positions, but also those who wish to develop their careers and gain a greater understanding of themselves in the process.


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Paul O’Brien
Plan Ireland

Justine is great to work with. She prepared and delivered training for our Senior Management Team on Emotional Intelligence. Excellently prepared and organised she really knew the subject area and offered some great insights, which we continue to use. I liked her dedication and professionalism.

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Arantxa Catarecha
Wells Fargo
Trading Operations AVP

Justine McGrath is a superb Executive Coach. Highly professional, extremely committed and supportive, her expertise comes through evidently throughout the Coaching process. I have availed of Justine’s (Equilibria Coaching) services for more than a year on a regular basis and based on my experience and my progress I cannot recommend Justine’s work highly enough

K. Considine
Registered Charity
Services Development Manager

I was relieved and impressed by the fact that you recognised and respected my directness which, in hindsight was fairly direct but sure with all that study and coaching I was doing I was geared up for it, I guess. You were the kinda coach that works for me. You totally met my needs as a client by using your intuition, life knowledge and experience and for that I wish to thank you.

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Careers Advisor

I found Justine to be a very good listener and very positive and interested in my issues. She helped me to identify my goals and how I could best achieve them. Her manner and approach to her work is very professional.

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