Which of these three workplace problems can I solve for you?

I provide business leaders with psychometric assessment and coaching so that they can improve their workplace performance.

Sounds simple, right?  Not really! There are as many workplace dilemmas and problems to be solved as there are individuals in an organisation, and sometimes more.

However, I have come across 3 scenarios which seem to occur repeatedly.  Can I help your organisation solve one or all of them?

  1. The candidate you hire has the right skillset, but lacks certain traits of Emotional Intelligence that are crucial for clear communication, team building, and powerful leadership.

How can I help?  The psychometric assessment I use with EBW Global measures the 8 traits that predict success in the workplace.  Once you know how a candidate measures up in traits such as motivation, resilience, self-awareness, adaptability and more, you will have a very clear picture of whether they are going to lead a team or fit into the team well.

  1. Promoting individuals to management positions when they have no experience on how to manage others.

How can I help?  I can help a manager to develop the right people skills to ensure he or she leads a motivated team that trusts and communicates clearly with each other.  This begins with the self-awareness of the new manager.  What are your strengths?  Are you high in empathy? Resilient? Adaptable?  Or do you need to develop in some of these areas?  Most importantly, where are you overall with your level of self-awareness?   A good manager turns up, is present in the moment and is absolutely clear on who they are, and how they are going to get the best from their team, by setting themselves as the example.  Do yourself a favour – be a manager that your colleagues talk about for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

  1. Teams in an organisation who are in disarray due to a lack of coherent communication. Also, they lack  self-regulation – for example – an inability to regulate behaviours and emotions at work. They may act inappropriately and lack discipline. Finally, a lack of EQ social skills such as influence, collaboration, and team building.

How can I help?    I provide team leadership workshops that look at Goleman’s Six Styles of Leadership as illustrated below.


This is done alongside a Business Emotional Intelligence Assessment so the team can view how they interact and communicate as a unit.   EBW Global who provide the assessment state:

“By focusing on the inter-personal and intra-personal we shift leaders’ capability to deliver different outcomes by providing:

  • Better self-insight & personal responsibility for leadership performance.
  • Better decision making and risk assessment.
  • Enhanced communication & cultural awareness.
  • Increased mental toughness.
  • More efficient teamwork.
  • More effective organisations.”
    From EBW Global

If I can help you with any of the above 3 problems, please give me a call now on 0857272135 or email justine@proactivecoaching.ie

There are more details on the other services I offer at https://proactivecoaching.ie

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