What is Your Objective in Hiring a Coach?


You’ve decided you would like to get some executive coaching.  Why?  You’re not sure.  Maybe because that annoying person who keeps getting promoted has a coach (cold.) Or you need someone to talk to but don’t really have any agenda or idea why (slightly less cold moving towards tepid.) Or you have several issues in your career and don’t know how to deal with them (warmer.) Or you feel stuck in your career and you would like to talk through some thoughts you have around developing your career  to gain clarity (warm leading to hot!)

You get the idea – there’s no point in hiring a coach without an objective in mind.  I mean you can, but you will probably spend the first two sessions figuring out what you want to work on.

Figure that out before hiring a coach and then make sure you hire the right coach for you.

The clients who have come to coaching with a specific focus always get far more from their sessions because they don’t waste time.   There is a caveat here.  Sometimes a client needs to meander around a few conversations until they figure out what they need.  That’s fine.  If you are in the dark about what you want, coaching can certainly help you gain clarity.   But be specific about the fact that you don’t know what you want.  That in itself is an agenda.

There’s a reason why the GROW framework is so valuable in coaching.  It provides a framework for the conversation and ensures you leave with a tangible outcome.  The G is for GOAL – what do you wish to get from the session?  The R is for REALITY.  What is your current reality – in other words, where are you now in relation to where you want to get to?    The O is for OPTIONS – what options do you have or resources to get you to where you want to go?  This is where the coach and client will brainstorm ideas and opportunities.   It’s the juicy part of the session.   The W is for the WAY FORWARD – what are you leaving with?  What goal are you going to be working on?  How are you going to move forward?

I do some coaching for clients who are sent to me via a training programme.  Coaching is part of the programme.   Sometimes they are skeptical of the coaching process.  I love these clients.  It’s a challenge to see if I can help them understand that this is valuable time they are getting to talk through work issues, brainstorm, reflect, and be heard.

How often are you listened to by someone giving you their 100% undivided attention?   How often are you listened to by someone who is not judging anything you say or how you say it?  How often do you have someone reflect your thoughts back to you to help you gain clarity on ideas?   That is what I will do for you as a coach.  

So before you embark on coaching get clear on your objectives in hiring a coach and make sure it’s the right coach.

As a coach I consider my strengths to be listening ( I am an excellent listener, honed over years of practice,) being non-judgemental and giving you the space you need without interruption.

What I am not is a loud, in-your-face type of coach.  If you want to be shouted at by someone that is not me!  I don’t work with those types of people either.

The coach and client must form a good working partnership and sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there and that’s OK.  It’s better to be open after the chemistry session (the first session).

I would also recommend you hire a qualified coach.  After ten years of being a qualified coach, I recently completed my training to become an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF.  I can tell you that the level of detail and the amount of learning in that course means any ACC coach knows their onions.  It also means they have coached at least 100 people so they have a fair bit of experience.   The ICF has a list of coaches.  You can also check out EMCC and other professional coaching organisations.

Coaching is one of the most valuable ways of developing yourself and your career.   Invest in yourself.

If you’d like a quote for 4 sessions of coaching with me, please get in touch at justine@proactivecoaching.ie

Thank you.

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