Emotional Intelligence – The Business Case is Clear

Three reasons why attending this workshop will improve your effectiveness and leadership skills

This year I have completed four courses with Six Seconds – a world leader in Emotional Intelligence training.  I completed ‘Unlocking EQ’ ‘Brain Profiles’ ‘Facilitator Integration’ and ‘EQ PC (Practitioner Certificate)

I was pretty astonished by the amount of knowledge and experiential learning I gained.  The courses gave me an in-depth understanding of the neuroscience behind our emotions and behaviours, as well as several comprehensive models of EQ that catapulted my learning to a new level.

I tell you this because I want you to know that the upcoming workshops in Dublin, Cork, and Belfast are going to be a unique learning experience.   Why?

Firstly, you will learn through observation and participation.  This is not theory.  This is going to give you the tools to take back to your workplace and make significant changes to not only how you do things, but why. I don’t want to give away too much about what is going to happen on the day, but you will have an opportunity to see real workplace scenarios in action and understand how to apply Emotional Intelligence to improve your own workplace issues.

Secondly, you will learn about one of the models of Emotional Intelligence that I have found to be transformational in developing self-awareness and an understanding of how to navigate emotions.  The power of understanding your patterns, your triggers and what motivates you cannot be underestimated.

From The Vitality Leadership Report from Six Seconds:

“New Research
on leadership
leaders who build
increase team
performance AND
fuels the leader’s
optimism &
ability to thrive.
Trust builds a win
win win.”

If you are struggling to build trust within your team, then this workshop is for you.

Thirdly, it is an opportunity for you to improve the communication in your team, build awareness and do it all  while having some fun too!  I am envious of those who are going to get to experience these workshops as a participant because I know the ‘aha’ moments that will occur.  If all that wasn’t enough, it’s also a great opportunity to network with like-minded business leaders.

The business case is clear: At PepsiCo executives selected for EQ competencies generated 10% more productivity.
• High EQ sales people at L’Oreal brought in $2.5 million more in sales.
• An EQ initiative at Sheraton helped increase market share by 24%.
• Amadori experienced a 63% reduction in turnover and manager EQ correlated
positively with plant performance.
• The US Air Force is using EQ to screen Pararescue Jumpers to save $190 million.
• At a major pharmaceutical company, an 8.9% increase in key team EQ was accompanied by
double-digit profit growth.   To receive the full booklet on ‘Emotional Intelligence The Business Case,’ from Six Seconds, scroll down to the bottom of this page: https://6seconds.org/business/

I look forward to meeting you there.   To book for your location, the links are below:




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