Female Entrepreneurs – What’s Your Greatest Challenge?

What if it doesn’t have to be this hard?

I am in complete awe of female entrepreneurs.   Every day is a juggling act.  Unless you are a young entrepreneur and are not yet married with a family, you are usually juggling children, running a home, and running your business.

Any one of those on its own could be and often is a full-time job.  I listen to women tell their stories and I think – ‘How on earth do they manage all that?’

I have the business and running the home, but sadly not the kids. Throw children into the mix and I think you’d find me weeping in the corner!   And yet, you make it work.   I appreciate that your support systems play a huge role here.  We’d be lost without our other half (and if you are a single parent with her own business, then I hope you have plenty of support too.)  Family and friends also play a massive part in this.

What I really want to know is – What is your greatest challenge as a female entrepreneur?  Is it time for yourself, self-care, dealing with the loss of identity, or experiencing burn-out?

I help men and women maximize the traits and qualities that lead to their success.  But I am particularly interested in helping female entrepreneurs because I believe we need more women in positions of power, and I believe women are still being held back in many respects.

But more than that, I want women to thrive and to become the best version of themselves.

If you are struggling at the moment, or you would like to work on the qualities that lead to a fulfilled, successful you, here is what I offer:

  • An easy-to-take assessment to discover your strengths and/or requirement for development in the following areas: Motivation, Adaptability, Decisiveness, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Resilience.
  • Strengthening any one of those areas would lead to increased success but strengthen them all and you are talking about success at a different level.
  • Following the assessment, we do a deep dive into the results and discover where you can develop your strengths to become the businesswoman you always wanted to be.
  • But I go further, I also work with you on your identity, your habits, and whatever challenges you may be facing.
  • At the end of this process, you will become the best version of yourself – in your business, in your home, and in your social life.

What if, instead of feeling like you are constantly trying to catch up, drained, and unable to fully enjoy life, you could show up rejuvenated, calm in a crisis, and influential?

If that sounds interesting email me at justine@proactivecoaching.ie to book a free 30-minute consultation.  No obligation whatsoever – you need to get to know, like, and trust me before you will work with me – I get that, so get to know me!


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