What are the qualities you need to show up as the best version of yourself?

Lean into your strengths and lead with influence

Today the mantra in my morning meditation was “Today I am creating a better version of myself.”

Sounds great in practice, but in reality, how often do we actually look at how we show up on a daily basis? In my work using Emotional Intelligence with clients, we look at eight traits that ensure you develop success in your career. Often clients have never looked at these qualities in any level of depth.

The qualities we look at are motivation, adaptability, decisiveness, empathy, self-awareness, influence, resilience, and conscientiousness.

These form part of the EBW assessment that I use.  EBW stands for Emotions and Behaviours at Work. When we have a deep understanding of how our emotions and behaviours impact on ourselves and those with whom we interact, we can and do show up as our best selves. 

Ask yourself now – what are the qualities I need to develop to show up as my best self? It may be a quality from the list above, or it may be something else that you require.  It all starts with awareness.

The qualities you require will be in direct proportion to the challenges you are facing. But you need to face the challenges and face yourself.

As Jon Kabat-Zinn said, ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’

You might temporarily escape through a Netflix binge or an eating binge or whatever other band-aid you put on to get you through another day – but you’ll have to face yourself eventually.

What are the qualities that you can lean into to ensure you face your challenges with determination, strength, and power? If you are lacking motivation, what could you do to re-engage?  Perhaps you need to remind yourself what got you into your work in the first place.  If your immediate response to that was money, then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

A simple but extremely effective suggestion is to turn up and be fully present. Sounds simple, yet are you doing it?  When we do this work, we reconnect to our purpose, we become clearer about the qualities we can lean into to move us forward, and we can also look at those qualities we need to develop.

I’m currently hearing a lot of stories of people feeling stuck.  It’s not a bit of wonder really.  We are tired of the struggle of lockdown.  The pandemic has taken its toll.

But instead of looking at external factors, look within.  I have a client who is strongly empathetic, extremely self-aware, and adaptable to change.  Wonderful qualities that have seen her through many challenges.  The qualities she needed to develop were decisiveness, influence, and self-belief.  When she saw on paper all the strengths she had, her self-belief increased.  She then worked on the other two qualities and not long afterward her career prospects improved significantly.  She achieved something she had been chasing for a long time.

That is the power of self-awareness and personal growth.

If you would like to explore the qualities that will influence your success, get in touch for a no-obligation 30-minute call to understand how I can help you become the best version of yourself.







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