If my SEO Listing is So Bad – How Come You Found Me?

Image courtesy of Elisa Ventur on Unsplash. 

Every day I receive at least two or three SPAM marketing emails telling me that I need to improve my SEO listing or that it needs to be easier to find me online.

I know I am probably talking to the void – you lead generation companies, you will never see this.  I’m on some damn list somewhere and I can’t get off it.

This drives me absolutely crackers.  One thing I will say is at least I see the irony of you telling me that no one can find me. Well, you found me, didn’t you?

You could also be a scammer.  Why on earth would I even consider doing business with you for one millisecond?

So I am writing this blog post in the hope that if you are an individual and you do find my site and you are looking for the contact form, you might see this blog post and think twice about spamming me.

Like most solopreneurs, there are always improvements I could make to my website and marketing.  But like most self-employed people we have a tight budget and other priorities often take over.

So please, think about that before you spray and pray.  The first place those emails go is into my SPAM folder if they are not there already.  You will be blocked

If there is an actual marketeer reading this, I  appreciate that you are also trying to make a living but I wish that you would give some more consideration as to who you are targeting, why you are targeting them, and what the best strategy is to get to know your customer.  Honestly, your approach is appalling.   All you do is annoy people.  And if you are a scammer then there’s a special place in hell just for you.

If even one person reading this goes away and rethinks their strategy, my work here is done!  Unlikely but I feel better anyway!

Thank you!

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