Values => Goals => Vision. Using the Values Based Decision Matrix to Clarify Your Vision

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Our values provide a set of guiding principles in our lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

When we are clear on our values, we develop our self-awareness which is a key trait of Emotional Intelligence.    Getting clear on your values is an exercise that is well worth investing some time in.  There’s a reason most coaching sessions start with looking at your values.

Examples of values include trust, freedom, integrity, family, love and leadership.  Our values are our unique and individual essence.  They inform every decision we make.  Yes, they are that important.

If you are working towards a vision either in your career or your personal life, it is essential to start with your values.   Then ensure your values align with your goals and from there create your vision.

For example, if freedom is one of your values but you are in a job with no means of expressing your sense of freedom, your value does not align with your goal.

Or if one of your values is creativity but you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed working on a creative project, your values are not in alignment with your goals and your vision.

Use the Values-Based Decision Matrix to list out your top ten values.  Then give yourself a score each week or each month for how well you feel you have lived that value.  I have shared my own VBDM below.


Prioritize and List ValuesDate



Date 18/01/22


1.       Creativity47
2.       Freedom78
3.       Growth/Learning67
4.       Spirituality88
5.       Family78
6.       Relationships68
7.       Integrity88
8.       Kindness79
9.       Healthy Living78
10.   Peace67


If you are struggling to find out what your values are, think of what’s so important to your life that you couldn’t do without it, and then find the corresponding value.

Once you have checked that your goals align with your values, you will have a strong foundation for building your vision.  Without the foundation of your values, your goals may not stand up to scrutiny and your vision will crumble.

Goals don’t motivate me – but my vision definitely does.  It’s the final outcome I focus on.  That’s what gets me through doing the work.   The vision is my motivation, my story, my raison d’être!

Make your vision as inspiring as you can!   I wish you a joyful and successful 2022!






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