Struggling to Retain Staff? Communication Issues? Perhaps I can help?

When I studied with EBW Global to become an advanced facilitator of their systems and materials, so many issues I had encountered in the workplace suddenly made sense.

Or should I say, I finally understood why organisations continue to flounder and not flourish.

If those in charge do not display emotional intelligence in the workplace, the following can happen:

  • Misunderstandings that are never cleared up and resentment follows.
  • Lack of morale amongst employees due to feeling they are not valued.
  • Leaders/managers who ‘assume’ or expect their staff to just do as they are told – without realizing that clearer communication could make all the difference.
  • Leaders/managers displaying a lack of being able to adapt to changing situations.
  • Poor decision making.

The good news is that EI can be developed. Emotional intelligence is a work in progress. We are all stronger in some areas and weaker in others. However, without self-awareness, we cannot take the first step to improving the situation.

EBW Global specializes in helping employers and employees improve their EQ in the workplace.

How? Through a range of reports, tools and workshops to support organizational objectives.

But – and this is crucial – I add the personal touch. I will come into your organization and once the issues/objectives have been discussed, I can offer a tailor-made solution or solutions to ensure that your problems are solved in the most effective way.

Check out the range of options by clicking the link below, remembering that I can also provide a tailored solution if none of these exactly meet your needs. For a no-obligation meeting, please call Justine McGrath on 0857272135. You have absolutely nothing to lose by having a chat. Who knows, you might even learn something?!

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